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A Practical Guide to Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Colors at Sinclair Cabinets

Choosing the right custom kitchen cabinet profile is one of the first decisions to make when planning a kitchen remodel, and there’s more to it than picking a particular color and finish you love. The cabinet color and the cabinet profile has a fundamental effect on a kitchen’s feel and also has a huge influence on how easy it is to keep the space clean and tidy. Here’s what you need to know about the seven most popular choices, and how they could fit into your own remodeling plans when selecting custom cabinets.

1) White Cabinets (Very Popular Florida Color)

White cabinets are a great option for smaller kitchens, as they add a sense of bright spaciousness to make the room feel larger. White is also a neutral choice that can be taken in many different design directions by pairing with contrasting accessory colors. The nice thing about the white cabinet color is that it brightens up master bathrooms and guest bathrooms as well.

However, white isn’t always a great choice for larger kitchens, as it can make for a cold and clinical feel, especially when combined with the stronger lighting that large rooms may require.  However, the traditional look of white cabinets in the beach setting of Florida is the staple selection of many.

2) Cream (Beautiful)

Cream offers nearly the same sense of spaciousness as white but is a little warmer and can also hide spills, smears, and fingerprints more effectively.

However, cream in your kitchen needs some cleaning attention, especially in kitchens where a lot of frying is done. Any layer of film that builds up on a cream surface can quickly lend it a yellowing, aging look that’s very unappealing in a space devoted to food.  We always recommend a hood range built in for ventilation.  Sinclair Cabinets offers a variety of options.

3) Shuler Gray (Popular)

Shuler Gray is a modern and unusual color choice that offers several advantages. In lighter shades, it helps to widen out a space, while still hiding everyday spills and dust. Darker gray also acts as a backdrop for more dramatic color flourishes and can blend effectively with stainless steel appliances and accessories. Shuler Gray was created by Matt Sinclair in 2017.  It’s only available at Sinclair Cabinets.

But gray needs to be used with care. If it’s the dominant color, your kitchen could feel oppressively gloomy, so it’s best used in combination with a brighter, more cheerful color either on selected cabinets or for the surrounding tiling. Having the right shade and contrasting cabinet colors is the key. It’s a great color for bathrooms, closets and other spaces you want custom cabinets built.

4) Black (Modern)

There’s little that can beat black cabinets for dramatic and contemporary impact, and they’re also efficient at hiding dust and minor staining. However, black should only be used in large and airy spaces with plenty of natural light, or the effect can be claustrophobic. What’s more, black cabinets need to be cleaned with extreme care, as any soapy smears left behind will be highly visible when they dry.

5) Bright Colors (Ultra Modern)

For a dramatic impact, using a bright color such as blue, red, or green will give your kitchen a cheerful and friendly look, with red and orange shades, in particular, exuding warmth. But again, bright colors need to be used with care or the effect can be overpowering. Try using a combination of orange and cream for the cabinet surfaces, with red for the door handles and other accessories, always remembering that less is often more when it comes to vibrant colors.

6) Natural Wood  (Cabin like Cabinets)

If you’re happy to move a little upscale in cost, then cabinets with a natural wood finish offer classic style that’s particularly suited to more rustic themes. Wood is also versatile, as it can be stained in a wide range of shades to suit almost any décor theme.

What’s more, high-quality wood cabinets can be sanded and refinished to update the look more easily than with other cabinet materials. Bearing this in mind, it’s worth buying the highest-quality wood cabinets you can afford, to ensure they’ll last through several rounds of staining.

In Conclusion

Whichever color, profile and finish choices you make, remember that the kitchen is often the most-used room in a home, and your remodel design will have an impact on daily life for years to come. Choose your kitchen cabinet colors carefully as the foundation of your project, and you’ll build a kitchen, bathroom or closet that you’ll love to spend your time using.  Sinclair Cabinets offers the cabinet services you want and need.

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